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Welcome to NextReality. Your one stop family fun gaming center. We host many aspects of gaming from the digital to tabletop. Looking to check out the latest PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch games? No problem. Or would you like the nostalgia of blowing on a Super nintendo cartridge to get it to work. We know you've done it before. 

How about some high-powered PC gaming? Battle it out with your friends in Apex Legends or the craziness or Borderlands 3. Maybe you're wanting something more physical and immersive like fighting off the zombies horde in Arizona Sunshine or busting a groove on Beat Saber. You can even bring your BFFs and blast each other in our VR Laser Tag arena for highscore and glory. Whatever it is, we got you covered.

A Few Reasons We Love VR

People Love Shiny

VR technology is not exactly new but only 5% of the worlds population have actually tried "Real" high-end VR.

Not Your Average Arcade

NextReality isn't just about games. We’re also focused on education and the development of the technology.

Immersion & Conversion

The level of immersion and feedback will be so engaging, players won’t help but want to experience it again and again.

Virtual Singularity

Whether gaming, a classroom, engineering office, or medical room, VR can be  used in a number of ways and places.

We can do mobile too

The technology can also be made mobile to role out at trade shows, corporate events, fairs, conventions, etc.

Be Virtually Anything

Best aspect of VR is that it can simulate the real and imaginary. So you can virtually be anything and anywhere.

Our Clients & Partners

% Haven't Tried VR
Billion in Revenue (2021)
Million VR Users Worldwide
+VR Venues Worldwide

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"The world of reality has it's limits. The world of imagination is boundless."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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