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Project NextScape

For a while now, I've been contemplating user behavior in VR. Basically what makes a person gravitate to this or that sort of experience. From my own bias, I tend to go for things that give me the ability to explore, that is open, and keeps me immersed yet connected to the real world. I know, tall order eh? I've been looking around for apps that allow you to do that but aside from the tons of horror or zombie games, COD knockoffs, or kiddie escape games, there really isn't anything out there that draws me to want to stay.

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Project A.D.A.M.

Project A.D.A.M. (Advanced Drone Assistance Module) is an AR project created by Lego Robotics Team Battle Beasts #32328. The project won 1st in the First Lego League Regional competition in mid November but is a continuing project.

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Battle For Water

Gamification of a website designed to collect donations to help send water to areas in the world in need of it. This project was created in 2017 as part of team Battle Beasts Lego Robotics project for that years competition theme.

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"The world of reality has it's limits. The world of imagination is boundless."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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